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MSA Requirements

Requirements for all Academy students:

1.    A 2.0 GPA is required, no consecutive F’s at the end of each semester.

2.    Maintain satisfactory citizenship grades- no more than 1 U at end of semester

3.    Any Academy member having difficulty with grades and/or citizenship will go on academic probation and enter our peer tutoring program.

Students are given until the end of semester to bring grades up or improve citizenship.  If student fails to meet academic requirements by the end of the semester they are dropped from the program.

4.    Obtain a minimum of 15 hours of Academy service through planning and participation in the following: 

a)    Academy 1st semester event- 4 hours credit

b)    Attend field trips- each 6 hours credit

c)    Attend end of year Academy Awards- 4 hours credit

d)    Attend MSA committee meeting at lunchtime- each 0.5 hours credit

e)    Attend guest speaker at lunch: .5 hours credit

5.    Students are required to have time in their schedule to dedicate to MSA events and meetings.  Students are required to volunteer at Cedars-Sinai during the Academic year (Oct-April), 2 hours per week during their  11th grade year.