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Peer Counselors 2013-2014

DevinAlexus Marin
Why Hello there, my name is DevinAlexus Marin. I know it's a mouth full... Well, hey, things you should know about me, I am a junior, I love bunnies, I like to work out and I am here to listen to you. Every now and then we need someone that we can confide in. I would love to be that person for you. Stop by and come and see me.
Fun Fact: I have ridden on Splash Mountain at Disneyland 6 times in a row, NON-STOP!

Natasha Gabbayan
Hi my names Natasha Gabbayan and I'm a senior at Beverly. I usually spend my free time reading, shopping, blogging, and spending time with my friends. I love helping others and hope to do a lot of that this year.

Tori Hertz
I'm Tori, I'm 17 and a senior at Beverly! I joined Peer Counseling because I've faced a lot of challenges throughout high school as a new student and know how important it is to have someone there.
Fun fact: I surf!

Joy Won
Hey I'm Joy. I'm 15 and a junior. I joined Peer Counseling because it's hard not being able to live up to someone's expectations and if I could alter that feeling for others then I will.
Fun fact: I love singing!

Shanna Massachi
Hi! I'm Shanna and I'm a junior. I joined PeerCounseling because I love helping others and giving them advice on problems big or small!
Fun fact: I love baking!

Charlotte Marrs
I'm Charlotte! I love kids and my friends, on my free time I baby-sit and dye my hair crazy colors!

Mahsa Gerami