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Peer Counselors 2012-2013

Aubrey Isaacman
"My name is Aubrey Isaacman and I am a senior. I am captain of animation on robotics and I love to play video games. I also enjoy reading comics and graphic novels.
Fun Fact: I am a brown belt in Shaolin Kempo."

Brenda Kashki
"Hey! I'm Brenda Kashki, 17, and a senior. I joined Peer Counseling because life through me a curve ball in 10th grade and I want my struggles to help others.
Fun Fact: I'm a music fanatic that loves to make others laugh."
Daphney Levy
"Hey! I'm Daphne Levy and I'm a junior. I joined Peer Counseling because i want to help people find their true selves and help them become the person they want to be. I love to laugh and make people happy! :)
Fun fact: I play soccer."

Kiara Vahdani 
"Hey I'm Kiara! I'm 15 years old and I'm a Junior. I've moved to a lot of different schools and I've always been the new student. I joined Peer Counseling because I'd like to help students at BHHS to feel more confident in school and to overcome their fear of not 'fitting' in.
Fun Fact: I'm Canadian, eh? :) "

Madison Weiss
"Hi I'm Maddy, I'm 18 years old and I'm a Senior. I joined Peer Counseling because I know how important it is to have someone to rely on during a rough time, and I want to offer support and encouragement for others. 
Fun Fact: I bake declicious chocolate chip cookies."
Samina Sotani
"I'm Sam Soltani, I'm 17 and a senior at Beverly. I used to work as a Listener at Teen Line which is a teen to teen crisis hotline based in Los Angeles. I'm excited to bring my skills from Teen Line to Peer Counseling.
Fun Fact: My favorite hobby is to sleep."
Sarah Watkins
"I'm Sarah Watkins and I'm 15 and a junior. I joined peer Counseling because I love helping others and I want to help people through hard times.
Fun fact: I play the tuba :)"

Shauna Ebrahimi
"Hi! I'm Shauna Ebrahimi and I'm a senior. I am a Peer Counselor because I love keeping my friends company in times of need, and letting them know that I am always here for them. There is never an issue that is too little or too unimportant! I play tennis and run track.
Fun fact: My dog is my life!"