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Maple Counseling Center

The Maple Counseling Center has contracted with the Beverly Hills School District to provide counseling services to students onsite at Beverly Hills High School. If you are a student or parent of a student, you may sign up or call The NormanAid Center to request counseling services at no charge to you. Once your name comes up on our list of service requests, a Maple Center Counselor will contact you by phone or summons you from the classroom to conduct an In-Take Interview. We see students for a multitude of issues including school stress, time management/study skills, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, family or friend relationships concerns, depression, and/or anxiety, just to name a few. You don’t have to have “heavy” issues to benefit from counseling. Counseling can help you learn to better articulate your feelings, to feel better about yourself and what you have to offer, or help you to become the person you want to be. The Maple Counseling Center also conduct groups at BHHS. These groups usually take place during lunch and have specific topics that teens are interested in talking about. Flyers about the current group offerings will be found at The Norman Aid Center, as well as be seen posted around campus. The Maple Counseling Center Counselors also train student from BHHS in Peer Counseling. For more information regarding Peer Counseling, please see the Peer Counseling page. Hope you will feel free to utilize these valuable opportunities given to you by your school district and The Maple Counseling Center.