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Peer Counseling

1st year Peer Counselors 2012-2013
Receiving Peer Counseling services:
            If you are a student and prefer to talk to someone your own age versus a school counselor, please come in to the NormanAid Center (room 288) and sign up for Peer Counseling. Fill out a request with your information to let us know you are interested and someone will call you in for a screening shortly. The purpose of the screening is to gather a bit more information about the presenting problem to help guide you to the most helpful person for your particular situation. If additional support is needed, a recommendation to a Maple Counselor may be made.
Becoming a Peer Counselor:
Peer counseling is an elective that requires a commitment to the class for the entire school year.  Over the course of the first semester, students will learn the basic skills needed to conduct conflict mediation as well as peer counseling. Additionally, students will be asked to begin working with a Maple Counselor. Peer counselors are encouraged to explore their own growth and reflection in order to better support their journey as a high school student as well as a peer counselor. During the second semester, peer counselors will be assigned to meet with peers and talk through any issues he or she may have.
If you are interested in becoming a peer counselor please see attached application or pick up an application form from the NormanAid Center (room 288) and return it in the “peer counseling” box. The screening process includes an interview and a minimum G.P.A of 3.0. Students will be expected to demonstrate maturity, compassion and an interest in learning more about interpersonal skills with their peers.