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BHHS Service Learning Class


Thank you for your interest in taking the Service Learning class. 
Click the links below for information and application. 
All applicants, please read:
Reading the "What is Service Learning" page should also be helpful. (Link in left sidebar.)
Apply here:
Interviews for current 9th-11th graders will be scheduled the soon after the deadline. Please check your JupiterGrades messages! Class size is limited. Current SL students must re-apply and interview.
Group interviews will be scheduled at the middle schools. Please check the email you provide on the application and/or your JupiterGrades messages. 

 If you are unable to access the online application, please email




On March 9, 2017, Service Learning will host its 10th annual hair donation drive to benefit a handful of reputable organizations known to provide wigs to those losing hair due to chemotherapy or illness. 
See our Hair Donations video in Videos section on sidebar!
The event is always full of joy and excitement, but the time limit and location mean that those donating will not receive a finished, styled cut. It is best to plan ahead and make an appointment to have your cut neatened up in a salon or shop in the afternoon. You may also go to your own stylist to donate, and bring the ponytail to us on the day of the event! 

Requirements for donating:

  • Bleached hair is not accepted by any reputable organization
  • Dyed hair requires 10 inch donation
  • Natural hair (no processing of any kind) requires 8 inch donation
It is recommended that curly hair be straightened.